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Academic Support for Students

Tips for Supporting your Grizzly’s Academic Success at Rocky Top 

Sit with your Grizzly and have them log onto and check the following websites each night: 

Teacher Blogs

  • You can see what was completed in class that day, homework that may be assigned and gain access to general class information.
  • These blogs often house resources and/or helpful links for students and parents. These resources can include homework help, information about units, writing expectations, etc. 

Google Classroom and/or Schoology

  • You can see assignments that have been assigned to your student and whether or not they have submitted them. 
  • Students will sometimes click “turn in” for work that is not yet completed. To check your student’s work, please open up the assignment to see teacher comments and check for completion. 

Big Ideas/Clever (Math)

  • You can see your student’s overdue and/or upcoming assignments.
  • The “Reports” section in Clever shows all completed homework assignments and the correct answers. The reports are released the morning the assignments are due.
  • There is a digital textbook in Clever under the “Resources” tab. Click the Student Dynamic eBook, and then the red book. You can see every example and homework question here.

Find a time to log into Infinite Campus (via the URL, not the phone app!) to check for any missing work and to view teacher comments on assignments

A great way for your grizzly to get additional help in a class, check in with a teacher and/or complete any makeup assessments is to have them attend a study/help session.  It is most helpful for students to arrive with an idea for what they would like to work on or what they need help with. 

**Students do not need to sign up for a scheduled study session. Students are also welcome to attend study sessions with any teacher of the same content (even if it’s not theirs). Help sessions are for students only. If parents need to meet with a teacher outside of Fall/Spring conferences, they are welcome to email the teacher to set an appropriate time to meet.**