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Learn how to log into your Grizzly's Chromebook

Chromebook login

Wondering how you can help your student log into their Chromebook for the first day of school (8/27) We have all the information you might need to get you logged in right here.

Check out THIS cheatsheet created by our District IT to help families log into their Chromebooks.

Student passwords were reset this summer. Follow the formula below to determine what your Grizzly's temporary password is:

  1. Students should try logging in with this temporary password format: Ad12MMDDYY

    1. MM = 2 digit Month of Birth

    2. DD = 2 digit Date of Birth

    3. YY - last 2 digits of the Year of Birth

    4. Leading zeroes must be included. For instance, the password for a student born on January 4, 2008 would be Ad12010408. 

  2. If successful, students will then be prompted to change their password. The password must fit these requirements. 

    1. Cannot be one of the last 7 passwords used at school

    2. Must be between 8 and 25 characters

    3. Must contain 3 out of 4 of the following

      1. Uppercase letter

      2. Lowercase letter

      3. Number

      4. Symbol

    4. It cannot contain their name or Student ID #