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Stay Connected to RTMS and Friends!

Stay Connected

Stay Connected to RTMS and your friends!

We know that social distancing is hard-- we are here to support you. "Socially distanced" does not need to mean socially isolated! Here are some ways to continue connecting with your RTMS teachers and your friends, even from afar:

  1. On a call with more than one friend (or looking for tips on how to act once online classes start)? Follow these ideas to lead you to success!
  2. If you have TikTok, follow RTMS-- @GrizzliesGoRemote. No TikTok, no worries! Parents/guardians received a list via email of the different videos which we have posted-- ask them to watch with you. Be sure to check your RTMS email account to see if Ms. Behanna has sent you an invite to participate in our next creation!
  3. Watch a movie virtually with your friends through Netflix Party. Laugh, chat, and enjoy a movie at the same time but in different houses. Fun!
  4. Go old school and mail your friends a letter
  5. Use the skills learned in Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) class with Mrs. Harris and connect over a video chat to bake or cook something together!
  6. Itching to play a board game? Look no further! Gather some of your friends for a fun night playing a virtual board game
  7. Recreate NPR's Tiny Desk Concert by having your own Patio Concert with friends (on a video chat, of course).
  8. Don't have a pet at home? Video chat a friend and help them teach their pet a few new tricks!
  9. Look to the future by starting your own indoor garden-- get your parents to help out!