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Step It Up Kids Fundraiser

Step It Up Fundraiser Info

This year, Rocky Top Middle School is partnering with Step It Up Kids to facilitate our one and only fundraiser, with proceeds going toward students and classroom/school supplies. On their website, Step It Up Kids explains that 80 percent of the funds raised through this 2-week fundraiser goes directly back to the students and school in one of 2 ways: 1.) prizes and rewards for participation and 2.) the funding of mini-grants written by Rocky Top teachers.

Information celebrating the rewards available to your Grizzly for participating was sent home with them on 9/25, though the ability to fund what our teachers are requesting is what's most exciting! Help your Grizzly register and send emails/texts HERE

Teachers have until September 27th to complete their applications for mini-grants. One of this year's requests comes from our 6th grade science teachers who wrote, “We would love a subscription to Science World Magazine …we would like to order 10 subscriptions and share them between the 6th grade science classes. This will enhance our science classrooms because current nonfiction articles bring science concepts to life and engage students in science and engineering practices. Every issue of Science World comes with detailed alignments to NGSS as well as language arts standards to encourage writing across the curricular areas.”

We will be on Facebook posting more teacher requests throughout the following weeks, so make sure to follow us!