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News From the Top 5/7/2021


Upcoming Events

District Art Show The district is proud to present the 2021 Adams 12 Virtual Art Show on behalf of all art educators and their students. This slideshow contains amazing artwork students created with the guidance of our incredible Ms. Stutzman! Grizzlies of all grade levels are well represented!

General School Business

Sent An Email with No Response? We have recently become aware of a number of emails sent from accounts outside of the domain that did NOT make it into our inboxes at Rocky Top! We’ve now discovered situations where emails were sent (and not received) as far back as October 2020 and none of these emails could even be found in spam or trash folders. Rest assured, we are working with District IT to see if this is something to be addressed at the systemic level as it may be related to some of the security measures put into place to protect students’ information in emails.
The most important thing for RTMS community members to know is that all staff members are expected to reply to emails and voicemails within 24 hours. If you ever send an email and do not get a response, PLEASE follow up with a phone call. You are important to us and we want to make sure your concerns are heard and questions are answered. Thank you for your patience as we resolve this matter.

End of Year Celebrations We are beginning to send separate communications to each grade level regarding events scheduled for the last day of school. Rocky Top is aligning with all other Adams 12 comprehensive middle schools and the District in the decision to welcome only 8th grade remote learners for on campus participation. All 6th and 7th grade remote learners will have many opportunities to interact with their RTMS peers throughout next year and, as COVID protocols lessen, they’ll be able to participate in large events like pep assemblies, intramurals and field days. However, this is the last time our 8th grade Grizzlies (remote learners and in-person learners) will be together. Last year we were unable to bring ANY of our 8th graders together as a closure for their middle school experience and it still breaks our hearts that we didn’t all get to say goodbye to each other! Thanks for your patience and understanding, 6th and 7th grade Grizzlies---we look forward to the fun next year!


Virtual Field Trip Antietam National Battlefield in Sharpsburg, Maryland came alive for 8th grade social studies students today. Students have been studying the Civil War for the past few weeks, submitted questions ahead of time, and Ranger Christie Stanczak Zoomed into their classes to answer questions and share details and historical facts about the Battle of Antietam. Thank you to Ms. Gidney, Mr. Stauffacher, and Mr. Roberts for organizing this opportunity for our Grizzlies!  

MAP Testing All 6th, 7th and 8th grade students in math, language arts and science (remote and in-person) are currently participating in year end MAP assessments. These assessments are extremely important for teachers who will work with your child next year---whether at RTMS or at their high school. MAP assessments are used for targeted scheduling, determination of need for small group instruction or remedial courses, as well as for planning of daily instruction. Because we cannot give up any more class time for students to complete testing, teachers have been offering times during asynchronous Wednesdays to complete the test. Since May 12th is our LAST asynchronous Wednesday, please check with your child(ren) to make sure they have completed these important assessments! 


Spanish Class Creativity Students recently learned about the Aztec Sun Stone (Piedra del sol) along with the resurgence of indigenous thought, symbols and meanings that occurred after the Mexican Revolution. This gives Mexico its distinctive visual styles today. In the spirit of Mexican muralism creating symbolic art that is meant to be seen by everyone, students created a design based on the Sun Stone and used chalk to share their art all around the school. 


Counseling Den  

Tool For Finding a Therapist  With the school year coming to a close, we have had many families reach out to ask about finding outside mental health support for their children over the summer months. Psychology Today offers a helpful tool which will allow you to search for an appropriate counselor in your area. Click HERE for the therapist finder.                                                                                   

We Love Our Teachers The RTMS mental health team would like to send our most sincere thanks to our fabulous teachers. At Rocky Top, our educators are incredible advocates for students both academically and emotionally. We are so grateful to work with a team who is open to collaboration about student needs and integrates essential social-emotional lessons into their classrooms. Thank you, Rocky Top teachers! 

Community Opportunities for 8th Graders 

  • Summer Enrichment Opportunity Check out this flyer (Español) for a 3-day summer enrichment opportunity for 8th-11th graders with Encore Electric. Click HERE for the pre-registration form.
  • Student Leadership Opportunity The Colorado School Safety Resource Center’s Youth Advisory Group - Youth Engaged in School Safety or YES2 - is looking for 8th through 11th graders (who are interested in school safety) to apply to be part of the group for next year. Application materials can be found here and are due May 14th. Students are paid a $15/hour stipend to attend meetings.

Bear Necessities/SEL Learning

Eighth Graders Reflect Here’s a snapshot of our 8th grade Grizzly takeaways as they reflect on their learning in Bear Necessities over the past three years and prepare to embark on high school. 

  • Conor, “I think perseverance has helped me the most because if I got behind on school work I knew I would always be able to make it up.”

  • Sophia, “Based on the three years of Bear Necessities I have had,  something that would help me as I enter High School next year would be the standing up for others. I have learned what to do in a situation if someone is being bullied.”

  • Analise, “The skill I think will help me the most is figuring out how to pick myself up when I'm below the line.”

  • Avery, “I feel like below and above the line is very important. It is good to know where you stand and good to know that you don't have to stay that way you can change.”

  • Sylvie, “I feel like the frame lesson will help me the most so I can make the most of a bad situation and not give up.”

Seventh Grade Grizzlies Share Too Our seventh grade grizzlies have shared some powerful takeaways to stamp the learning from this year.

  • Gisele,”One thing that I learned that I still think about would be how to cope with a problem and also how to keep trying when something doesn't work out the way I wanted it to.”

  • Brody, “I learned that it is so important to treat others with kindness and that it is even more important to treat yourself with respect.”

  • Jeremiah, “How to put yourself in a mindset  of understanding EX: If I was angry, because someone else did something to me, I could calm myself down and try to understand why they did that.”

  • Vincent, “Something that was the most important thing I learned and continue to think about from Bear Necessities this past year is how to deal with stress.”

Sixth Grade Grizzlies Reflect On Year One It may have been their first year as a Grizzly, but you’d never know it from the important lessons they have incorporated into their lives already.

  • Matthew, “The most important thing I have learned is about the thought trampolines. So how our thoughts can escalate very quickly and we are probably overthinking something.”

  • Viviana, “The most important thing I had learned and I continue to think about would be ideas how to calm down. Like breathing exercise.”

  • Jackson, “I learned that it's ok if I'm down or don't feel happy.”

  • Brooklyn,“I think one important thing that I learned was how to control thought circles.”

Community News

Free Paint Event Need to dispose of some paint but care too much about the environment to just throw it in your trash? Recycle it! Bring any amount of latex or oil-based house paint, stains and varnishes to the Adams County Fairgrounds south parking lot (9755 Henderson Rd) May 15th from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Space is limited and registration is required. If unable to register online, call (855) PAINT09.

At the Heart of the Matter: The Hate Stops Here May 20, noon. Following a special performance by Courtney Ozaki (Japanese Arts Network's Founder and Creative Director), Karen McNeil-Miller of The Colorado Health Foundation will be joined by local leaders to discuss the complexities within Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities. Interpretation is available and registration is free, but required for this event which takes place at 12:00 PM on Thursday May 20th. 

Finding A Joy Focus in Difficult Times May is mental health awareness month and mental health partners in association with Colorado Spirit are hosting a mental health event. They will focus not only on managing your stress and anxiety, but also on finding resilience and hope through joy, laughter, and community. They will have games and opportunities to chat with the MHP Outreach team about what it's like to stay strong on the front lines as we move through the era of COVID-19 and following the recent, tragic events in Boulder. Click here for registration, dates and times.