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News From the Top 4/30/21

Upcoming Events

Workin’ on Our Dreams Wednesday In the final installment of our weekly career Q&A series, we are excited to bring in the VICE PRESIDENT of Digital Product Security for Stanley Black & Decker, Julie Fitton. Make sure your Grizzly doesn’t miss out on this amazing opportunity on Wednesday, May 5th at 11:15 AM. RSVP HERE


It’s Finally Here: Spirit Week Thanks to our Student Council, every day next week we will celebrate a different theme. Get your fun clothes and accessories lined up this weekend!

Monday: Comfy Day 

Tuesday: Jersey Day

Wednesday: Pets Day 

Thursday: Crazy Hair Day 

Friday: Decades Day 

General School Business

#ThankATeacherCO May 3rd through May 7th is Colorado Teacher Appreciation Week! This year, more than any other, teachers in every classroom across Colorado have shown their dedication to their students and community, created unique learning opportunities to help students engage virtually and adapted their lessons many different times as our learning environment shifted again and again. The Colorado Department of Education would like community members to express gratitude to teachers in every school. Further, while only some of the nearly 100 employees here at Rocky Top have the word “teacher” in their job title, every staff member works together to support our students and provide them with a safe and effective learning environment. In recognition of this next week, share a post, image or video with a sign thanking a teacher on social media and use the hashtag #ThankATeacherCO. Click HERE for more ways to participate in this gratitude campaign.

Grateful for Our PTO Thanks, in advance, to the incredibly generous members of the RTMS PTO. On Thursday morning they will provide a yummy breakfast for our entire staff and our mouths are already watering just thinking about Santiago’s burritos! The funds they use to support our staff and students come from the spirit nights at local restaurants so YOU contributed to this breakfast party too. Thank you for always showing us that we’re appreciated in so many ways! (Want to learn more about PTO?)

End of Year Celebrations Though we are unable to welcome families to participate, our Grizzlies will all end this year with some serious FUN! On Wednesday, May 26th the entire 8th grade---including our students learning in the fully remote environment---is invited to participate in a Grizzly Field Day designed just for them. For all in-person learners in 6th and 7th grade there will be an opportunity to participate in field day activities on Thursday, May 27th. More details will be sent directly to families at each grade level in the coming week.


Birdwatching Grizzly scientists in 7th grade have been studying adaptation and survival recently. This week, they examined birds’ beaks in an effort to learn how they drive the food sources a bird eats. Students created their own bird beak then, based on the beak’s characteristics, determined the bird’s food sources and where it would be best suited to survive. They followed that up with an online simulation to better understand how bird beaks change over time as certain populations adapt to their changing environment. 




Going Back in Time Making connections between different subjects and content areas is something our teachers are always striving to do. Ms. Harris is helping students make an interesting connection through Family & Consumer Science (FCS) as students are studying the history of bread. The 7th grade Grizzlies were able to connect this content to their social studies experience while learning about leavening agents and their job in the baking process. 

Counseling Den  

Reacting to Your Teen One of the most critical factors that influences how our children act is the observable behavior (in person and online) they see in their caretakers. We also know that children can test their parents’ patience whether they’re two, twelve or twenty-two! Take a look at this graphic from @raisingteenstoday which outlines some mantras to repeat when you feel like your teen is testing you. Mindfulness and establishing control over one’s thoughts is a proven way to maintain composure in even the most frustrating of situations. 

Free Math and Science Tutoring In the Community While we want to make sure students have time outside of the school day to explore, unwind and take some much deserved screen-free time, we are aware that some Grizzlies are feeling worried about their academic progress as the end of the school year approaches. The Broomfield Library is offering free virtual math and science tutoring for students in grades 6 through 12 on Tuesday evenings. To register your child or for more information, please call 720.887.2350. Students do not need to be Broomfield residents to qualify.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month (REPEAT) Throughout May we will emphasize the importance of understanding that ALL people have mental health, just as they have physical health. Much like physical health, people can have varying degrees of mental health need, treatment and support. If your Grizzly is willing to share a few thoughts about why mental health is important to them, we would love to highlight them on our Facebook page! Please encourage your Grizzly to complete this form. Contact your grade level counselor with questions. 

Bear Necessities/SEL Learning

Data, Learning, and Drawings, Oh My! Next week in Bear Necessities, students will complete the last survey for this year. One exciting part of the survey is an opportunity to enter a drawing for a free t-Shirt designed to bring awareness to the importance of being mentally healthy. The survey will also include questions designed to help our teachers prepare to support your Grizzly next year. This transition information will be very important for teachers so we urge every Grizzly to attend Bear Necessities this week!

6th Grade To kick off Teacher Appreciation Week, Ms. Bernabe created a PearDeck so our 6th Grade Grizzlies could collaborate to create slides that demonstrate just how much their teachers mean to them. 

7th Grade Our 7th Grade Grizzlies have been rockin and rolling when it comes to diving deeply into the ideas around RESPECT. Students shared their answers to questions like “What does it mean to show respect to yourself? “ and “How do you feel when people make fun of you?” through writing to honor the difficulty of how it might feel for our most introverted Grizzlies to share such personal things about what respect really means to them. Students shared things like, “When people make fun of me, I shut down and start to not like myself.”  “Sometimes I laugh along, but inside wish they would stop but am too afraid to let them know.” “I respect others by actively listening to the whole thought about what they are saying without interrupting.” “I respect other people’s boundaries and stop doing things that annoy them when they ask.”  

8th Grade We wrapped up our month of discussions and learning about inclusivity through the lens of empathy. This past week our Grizzlies discussed real situations that students face and how to equitably create a school culture of inclusivity through the use of empathy and compassion. Topics ranged from recognizing and honoring religious differences to creating change in policies that would support different cultural customs. The 8th graders then took a look at how inclusivity is used in advertising and the impact that has on how we see ourselves and others. 

Community News

Free Tutoring Are you looking for extra help for your student in math and science? For students in grades 6-12, there is free tutoring at the Broomfield Library every Tuesday evening. To register, call 720.887.2350. Students do not have to be a Broomfield resident to take advantage of this opportunity!

Need Help Starting Complex Conversations? On May 4th and May 6th, through a partnership between the City of Lafayette, Boulder County Public Health, Healthy Youth Alliance and Salva Mas, two different workshops will be offered to help provide adults with the resources and guidance to start conversations with their teens on complex issues. The May 4th workshop will focus on substance misuse. The second workshop will help with conversations about mental health. The sessions are free, bilingual, and open to the public! The May 4th English flyer is here and the Spanish flyer is here. The May 6th English flyer can be found here and Spanish flyer is here.

Calling All Artists! All of the very creative “I Voted” stickers in Adams County are created and designed by our own Adams County students. If you are interested in submitting an idea, click here to view more information. The deadline for submissions is May 7th.

Discover Even More Due to popular demand, the Boulder Phil has extended their full Discovery Program through May 21st. Register here for FREE access to all of our Discovery materials, including the Discovery Concert, Curriculum Guide, and "Discover Even More" videos featuring performances and presentations by Boulder Phil musicians.

Getting Connected Governor Jared Polis and several state agencies have partnered to help Coloradans access the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) Program. The $3.2 billion EBB Program will help qualifying households struggling to pay for internet service during the pandemic. The program provides a discount of up to $50 per month or $75 per month for broadband service. Check out the full article here.