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Ms Woods Class

General Education

Spanish class should be interactive and engaging! That's our goal every class period. Students work with partners to complete writing, listening, and speaking activities that help their language knowledge grow. Moreover, they dive into culture through videos and authentic materials. Every day is different and new - and that's what makes our classroom awesome!

In Miss Wood's Spanish classes, we use technology almost everyday. It is important that students (and parents!) know how to access these sites. Here are some useful links: - Here, you will find the daily blog. It covers what activities and practices we completed in class as well as what the homework assignment is. - Students use this site to practice vocabulary words using digital flash cards. They work to complete decks for each chapter covered. Towards the end of each chapter, they will be required to complete the deck as a homework assignment. - This site is the main source for materials and assignments. We use it everyday in class. On it, students have access to pages from the textbook, practices, quizzes, projects, and tests.