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Students may sign up during the academic year for a meeting with a counselor. Students can discuss any topic for which they would typically sign up to see us (academic, social/emotional, career, family, friends, etc.). 

Student Safety:

If a member of our mental health team is ever concerned about your student’s safety, we will reach out to a parent/guardian right away. Please be sure to respond to correspondence in a manner as timely as possible to help us support your student’s safety. If a parent does not answer, the mental health personnel will follow district protocol to contact an outside agency (such as law enforcement) to help us initiate a well-being check. 

If you become concerned about your student’s safety and/or well-being, please use the resources below to access immediate mental health support for your student. If safety is an immediate concern, contact 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.

You may also fill out a Safe 2 Tell report.  You can also call the Colorado Crisis Center (24 hours) 1.844.493.8255

RTMS Vision and Mission statements

As a result of Rocky Top’s comprehensive school counseling program, RTMS students connect with their individual strengths and unique needs as learners and integral members of the broader community.  Our students consider how their actions affect others and advocate for the needs of themselves, others around them, and the planet. In alignment with the greater RTMS and Adams 12 Five Star School visions, Rocky Top students are empowered to engage in courageous conversations, triumph through failure, and move toward holistic wellness. Our students seek out opportunities which help them make a difference in the world. 

The RTMS Counseling department strives to develop holistic wellness for students, staff, families, and the surrounding community by encouraging and modeling academic and social/emotional skill building. Focusing on the whole child, we advocate for and provide equitable access to academic, social/emotional, career and postsecondary opportunities for all students.

RTMS Counseling Team

We will still make every effort to return parent/guardian/student communication within one business day. You may contact us via phone or email outside of these contact hours, however we will be upholding our 24-hour response time during the school week. 

Alyssa Tebault 6th Grade Counselor
Nicole Bernabe 7th Grade Counselor
Rachel McNiff 8th Grade Counselor
Porfidia Beuke Counselor Interventionist
Maureen Pleil School Social Worker

Counseling supports the development of the whole child by advocating for academic, social/emotional, career and postsecondary needs and strives to develop life-long learners and productive citizens.

The counseling program in Adams 12 Five Star Schools works collaboratively with parents, community members and educators to empower every child, regardless of individual differences or obstacles, to ensure all students are prepared for meaningful, productive learning through a data-driven comprehensive K-12 school counseling program.

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