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Bear Necessities

Bear Necessities is our universal social emotional learning class. All students are enrolled in this class with each grade level focusing on a specific area of social emotional learning.

Sixth grade students will create special connections in this small group setting while engaging in the Top Twenty Teen and Random Acts of Kindness curricula. They will learn to use healthy problem solving strategies and recognize roadblocks to learning and success. Students will build skills in the areas of stress management, emotional regulation and conflict resolution. Finally, sixth graders will focus on increasing resilience, safely standing up to bullying and using gratitude tools to increase kindness to self and others.

Seventh grade students will learn strategies to bounce back from negative thoughts, apply active listening skills to increase learning and create positive relationships, understand and cope with stress, apply respect and perspective taking to frame how they view the world and increase positive relationships. Finally, seventh graders will focus on essential academic skills such as organization, how to manage our studies and goal setting.

Eighth grade students deep dive into identity and how we communicate to find our voice and recognize the impact that has on our self-esteem. Students will understand both negative and positive peer pressure and learn protective skills to combat negative peer pressure while also focusing on integrity as they learn to build and preserve trust. Finally, students will fine tune their conflict resolution skills to safely and respectfully solve problems with others and learn to integrate all of these skills to become a successful leader.