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i usted requiere informacion sobre registracion en espanol,

por favor llame a Daniel Eipper a 720-972-2206

Registration Packets

6th Grade 2017/2018

Music/Instrument Info.

Vaccination Info.

Registration Packets

7th Grade 2017/2018

Registration Packets

8th Grade 2017/2018

Registration How to Video
for 6th Grade (current 5th graders)


Registration How to Video
for 7th and 8th Grade


 *** Please note, due to the complexity of scheduling we do not accept teacher/core requests.

Please contact our registrar, Arlene Gines with questions at 720-972-2218 or arlene.y.gines@adams12.org 


 Important Dates

March 13th During Science ClassesCounselors and registrar deliver registration info. to current 6th graders. Students will register on this date in their classes after discussing their choices and options with parents.
March 10th During Social Studies ClassesCounselors and registrar deliver registration info. to current 7th graders. Students will register on this date in their classes after discussing their choices and options with parents.
FebruaryFebruary 21, 10:30-11:30High Schools visit current 8th graders.  Students will be given information about registration as well as due dates and open house information.

Mar. 8 @ 9:45 - Prarie Hills

Mar. 6 @ 1:45pm - Silver Creek

Mar. 9 @ 8:00am - Eagleview

Mar. 9 @ 1:35 - Meridian

Mar. 7 @ 7:50 - Coyote Ridge


Counselors and registrar visit elementary schools to talk about the structure of middle school, discuss and describe classes and allow for a Q&A session. (This is when we answer the age old question "what if I'm late to class."). We will deliver information so that students and parents can make their music selection online.  Parents may want to wait until after April 5, when they will hear from our music teachers firsthand.  
 April 5   6:00 - 7:30 @ Rocky Top Middle School (gym entrance)

Gearing Up to be a Grizzly - (Parent/student night) for incoming 6th graders

Our principal kicks off this evening in which parents hear from elective and core teachers as we go through a mock schedule. Parents will get in depth information on this night (ie: chromebooks, curriculum, scheduling, instrument rentals, timelines and much more!)

For parents who haven't registered for a music class online by April 5, a computer will be available at 7:30 PM in the library.

Registration forms are due back to each elementary school by April TBD (for those who are unable to register online).



4:00 - 7:45 @ Rocky Top Middle School
(gym entrance)

8:30 a.m.

Welcome to Grizzly Country - when students go through their schedule, open lockers, get to know new students, set-up chromebooks and more while parents learn from the principals what they need to know from a parent standpoint. (PLEASE bring your schedule from home)

**Schedules will be available through Infinite Campus in August date TBD

The first day of school for 6th grade - is the final event in our transition.  The day begins with a large welcome in the gym followed by the full attention of our staff ensuring each student is comfortable and aware of resources.

Do you need your middle school transcripts? You can now print them yourself. Click here for instructions.

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