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News from The Top
March 24th, 2017

(PARA INFORMACIÓN EN ESPAÑOL Siempre mandamos estos anuncios cada viernes.  Si usted requiere información en español siempre mandaremos una copia traducida el miercoles despues.)


Opening Day We all know Friday, April 7th is an exciting day for Rockies fans! However, at this point only 5 teachers have secured subs. If you are not planning to be here it is CRUCIAL that you arrange your sub ASAP as that is a crazy-high absence day throughout the district. From all of your colleagues who would struggle to cover your classes, thank you!

Boogie Down Our Spring Dance is Friday, April 7th from 6:00 to 8:00 PM and we really, really, really need help with supervision. Please notify DJ as soon as possible if you’ll be able to help out---even if it’s only 30 minutes!

Grizzly Comes Back  Anthony is returning to Rocky Top! As of now it looks like he’ll be coming for about an hour on Thursday, April 6th to hang out with some buddies and eat pizza. He’ll begin his out-patient therapy through Children’s Hospital right after break and will be busy Monday, Wednesday and Friday with those commitments. Through meetings with support staff throughout that week, we’ll make a final determination of his plan to return to classes. At this point we are thinking it would only be for Jimmy’s 7th hour class, but that may change as his brain continues to heal. We are definitely planning a whole-staff update prior to his return so you’ll all know what to expect and get some tips for positive interactions when you see him.  Finally, we got to go visit him at home today, and though he only speaks a few words,he was full of smiles and even showed a bit of his mischievousness!

Grizzlies Give Back  As we mentioned at this week’s meetings, our one big “fundraiser” of the year is swiftly approaching. This money is CRUCIAL to the community we have established as Grizzlies. In fact, when we visited Anthony today we were able to give each of his sisters a $25 gift card to AMC (to take him to the movies over break) and his parents a $500 check for bills, a $500 gift card to King Soopers for food and gas, and two $50 gift cards for massages. Without a significant GGB fund we would not be able to express our appreciation and show our support for students, staff and families so please help!  Take some time over spring break to reach out to local merchants in support of our online auction...even a free oil change can earn us $50. Also, be sure to register (Click HERE) for the GGB 5K soon to ensure you get a cool, custom-designed t-shirt!

Upcoming Events

School’s Out! Just a reminder that spring break includes next week, March 27th through 31st, AND an extra comp day for staff on Monday, April 3rd. We will welcome all students back to RTMS on Tuesday, April 4th.

Grizzlies Give Back Week Our one “fundraiser” for the entire year is swiftly approaching. Please help us celebrate philanthropic acts with our students by encouraging their participation in as many events as possible throughout the week. There will be school day events like $1 hat days, teacher dunk tank at lunchtime and Pizza Whicha Teacha opportunities….evening events include Pizza ‘n Paint, community and alumni dodgeball tournament, student dodgeball tournament and restaurant night at local eateries. You can start contributing now by registering (click HERE) for our annual GGB 5K which will be Saturday, April 29th. With 1388 students, if every Grizzly contributed $20 to the fun throughout the week we could earn over $27,000 to be used in support of families and students across our Grizzly community.

Gearing Up to Be a Grizzly Our annual parent & student event for incoming 6th graders is on Wednesday, April 5th. Starting at 5:30 PM you can join us for Meet the Principal where you’ll have the opportunity to introduce yourself to Ms. Behanna then grab a cookie and some lemonade and shop for some spirit gear before the main event begins. Promptly at 6:00 PM we will begin the evening program in the gymnasium then families will follow a mock schedule through which they’ll interact with electives and core teachers to learn about curriculum, scheduling, Chromebooks, instrument rentals, timelines and much more. For students who haven’t registered for a music class online by April 5th, counselors will be available to assist you in the library computer lab at 7:30 PM when the main event ends.

PARCC/CMAS Testing We jump right into our testing schedule as soon as we get back from spring break. Please be sure to schedule appointments OUTSIDE your child’s assigned testing time (listed on the Community Calendar on our homepage) so that s/he will not have to miss class to participate in testing make up sessions.

Talent Show Auditions are April 12th and 13th so get your act ready. We would love to showcase your talents---anything from singing, dancing and playing an instrument to gymnastics, martial arts, magic and juggling!

General School Business

Rules and Regulations Reminders Spring is the time of year when students get so excited about the warm weather and increased daylight that they often begin to push the boundaries of school rules. Here are few ways you can support your Grizzly so they are as successful as possible at school each day.

Dress Code Our motto is no butts, no breasts, no bellies. Additionally, please check those shorts because when kids have grown 4 inches since summer their shorts get really short! Finally, any garments underwear needs to be UNDER clothing and not visible.

Cell Phones Just a reminder that there are NO cell phones permitted in halls and classrooms. We have many students approaching their 4th incident, which results in a day of ISS, and that’s a terrible way to spend a day!

School IDs Rocky Top IDs must be worn above the waist at all times while on school grounds. Temporary IDs are available from first hour teachers, but if students do not have them by lunch time they will have to serve detention.

Recess Equipment Only tennis balls, soccer balls, kick balls and footballs are permitted on the fields and blacktops at Rocky Top. No lacrosse or tennis equipment allowed.

8th Grade Only The 8th Grade Panoramic Pictures were taken this week and the deadline for ordering them at the lowest price is this Sunday, March 26th before midnight. For online ordering or questions, please go to Students received order forms at the picture and extras are available in the main office after break.


Westward Expansion Bonanza  8th Grade students are gearing up for the 2nd annual Westward Expansion Bonanza!  Be sure to come check out their projects on Thursday, April 6th from 4:00 to 7:30 PM in the Cafeteria and Gymnasium.

(REPEAT) PARCC/CMAS Assessments As we’ve advertised, all our testing will be completed in only 12 school days (April 4th through 17th) after spring break and that means ONLY three days of testing for each grade level....which is HALF as many days of testing as compared to last year! The importance of data for educational decision making is crucial, however, if you feel that your student should opt out of CMAS testing you must schedule a time to speak with Assistant Principal DJ Eipper no later than March 24th. At that meeting, Mr. Eipper will provide the necessary paperwork to opt out of testing. Please note that should you opt your child out of testing, teachers and administrators will not have access to crucial information regarding your student’s learning and this may result in the need for local assessments in the fall.

Counseling Den

Summer Camps Middle schoolers need to stay active and engaged throughout the summer months to ensure they don’t spend too much time watching television and playing video games. Check out this week-by-week guide to local camps for teens or contact our counseling office for more ideas.

Community News

Screenagers: Growing Up in the Digital Age Remember that great movie that has been showing at a variety of Boulder Valley Schools? We are bringing it to Adams 12 families right in our own backyard! Join us at Silver Hills Middle School on April 25th at 6:00 are only $5 and this movie proves to be transformative for all of us coping with personal technology and teens. Check out this flyer for more information and click on the trailer to get excited about the movie!

Safety and Security

Smart Watches These super cool devices, because they connect to a network and/or the internet, are NOT permitted during any PARCC/CMAS testing. If you’re concerned about your student either leaving the watch in a locker or turning it into a teacher, please keep the devices at home on all testing days.

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