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Classroom Policies


Respect your Chromebook, it is a tool, not a toy!

Charge your Chromebook EVERY night!

You are only allowed to be on your Chromebook when asked by a teacher and this includes using earbuds!

What I can do with my Chromebook!

Use it as a tool for learning!

Access educational resources!

Keep it secure in your case!

What I can't do with my Chromebook!


Play games / Social media!

Leave it at the edge of the desk, out of the case, run with it, throw it!


You can expect homework on a regular basis Monday through Thursday. Homework will not necessarily be assigned every day, but students should be prepared for the possibility. Homework will rarely if ever be assigned on a Friday. One example of an exception might be if there is a unit test on a Monday, then appropriate study strategies may be necessary to prepare the students for that unit test.

Math's Mates

Math's Mates are completed as a warm-up every day in class. Follow the directions stated on the Math's Mate Poster.

Classroom Policies and Expectations

Come prepared to class every day!

Don't come to class tardy! If you are absent, follow through on completing missed work!

No gum or food is allowed in the classroom! Healthy drinks in a sealed container are okay!

Always wear your ID!

A positive attitude and good behavior is essential!

Be respectful of property, other students and the teacher!

Our classroom is a "whine free" environment and academic dishonesty will not be tolerated!

Students will at all times be respectful of the comments, opinions and ideas of other students!

Stand up for what you believe in, but be respectful when doing so! Accept that you are going to make mistakes. Learn from them and move on! No matter what the circumstances, always be honest! Be the very best person that you can be. That is to say, be kind, be compassionate, be honest, be understanding and be a great friend!

All classroom rules apply for a substitute teacher!