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Mrs. Anderson's Home Page

8th Grade American History
Weekly Study Sessions:

Tuesday Afternoons, 3:45-4:25
Thursday Mornings, 7:45-8:10
*Ms. Anderson has bus duty in the morning, but you can keep working in another teacher's classroom*

 Websites to use for the Election Investigation Assignment on 11-5-2012
For the Westward Expansion Test materials to check your work:
GO TO THE HOMEWORK PAGE for the Bruins Core. 
At the bottom of the page there are links to many files posted by all of your core teachers throughout the year. 
The files for this unit are mixed in -- they are: Green Vocab, Map, and Pink Packet p. 1-6 (all seperate files).  There are 10 files total that go with this unit.  Good luck!




Units of Study in Social Studies This Year:
Geography/Georgraphy Review
Exploration, Colonization, and Native Americans
Pre-American Revolution
American Revolution
US Government
Early Republic
Pre-Civil War
Civil War
Westward Expansion
Personal Financial Literacy