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Welcome to the Steamboat Core!

Click here to find out what is happening in class each day.  This is also the first place you should come if you are absent and need to find out what you missed! 
HELP SESSIONS:                                                                     

I am available on Wednesday mornings from 8:00-8:25 for drop-in help.  I am also available most mornings or afternoons if know students are coming in.  Please talk to me ahead of time so I will be sure to be in my room.   

This is how we will take notes in class.  Make sure you have all of your slides up-to-date.  If you are absent, you can copy and paste any notes that you miss from my copies below.  There is also a blank copy in your handouts folder in your Google drive.





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 What To Do When You Think You're Done

1.  Double check your work.  What can you do to improve your assignment?

2.  Extend your learning.  Dig deeper into the subject we're studying.  Become an expert!

3.  Work on missing work from this class or another class.

4.  Work on homework from any class. 

5.  Play a science game to strengthen your brain!
        Science Channel Games
        Mythbusters Games
        Brain Games Interactive Episodes