Transformation at the Top
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the benefits of a BYOD program?

A. Makes possible a 21st century classroom

Fosters student ownership of their own learning

Provides students real time access to information

Smooths the transition between home and school

Provides easier student access to online instructional materials

Supplements school resources and equipment

Allows students to become creators and collaborators who have skills truly valuable in the 21st Century workplace rather than just consumers of information

Prepares students by affording a higher level of comfort with online assessments

Supports inclusiveness by empowering even the most introverted learners to become class experts in the online environment

Q. Will my child really NEVER use a pencil???

A. There are still MANY benefits to using a writing utensil at school...  

Fine motor development and practice

Positive connection of writing to learning foreign words and graphically different mathematical languages

Triggers the reticular activating system to wake up the cerebral cortex

Increased fulfillment of written goals

Overall, the physical activity of writing, and the link between the hand and the brain, helps improve learning.  

Students will be writing!

Q. How does my child register her/his device at school?

A. When students (with their parents!) attend a session of CAMP Grizzly 2013, they will read and accept the Superintendent Policy 5035 Computer, Internet and Electronic Communication Agreement.  We will then sticker the device (as well as the power cord), engrave it with the student’s name, and provide a padded carrying case.


Q. How will my child be using their device during the school day?

A. Students will use their registered devices to complete in class activities, check class websites and blogs, manage calendars, complete homework, collaborate in real time, research for projects, access websites with curriculum-related content, keep track of classroom assignments, and record journal entries and MANY other approved instructional activities.

Q. What about security, theft, or damage?

A. Per Superintendent Policy 5030, devices are the sole responsibility of the student.  Students are responsible for the safety and security of the device; teachers and other staff will not store or hold onto devices.  School staff will not repair student devices, but will be available to troubleshoot connectivity issues.

Students will carry their Chromebook with them throughout all core class periods.  Electives teachers will notify students when and/if they will use their Chromebooks in class.  During lunch time, Chromebooks should be left in their school-provided locker.  All lockers have a unique combination and students should NEVER share their locker combination. Rocky Top employs security cameras inside and outside the building, and though we do not have the ability to see everything in every corner of the building, we will do our best to use our cameras if a device is possibly stolen.  NOTE: At CAMP Grizzly 2013 we will assist families to install a GPS app as part of our loss prevention plan.

If a student’s Chromebook is damaged at school, we will provide them one of the “loaner” devices for short term use while they get their device repaired.  Should another student damage a Chromebook, s/he will be responsible for repairing or replacing the device.

Q. What type of support will the students have at the school for their devices?

A. The students will have support to connect to the wireless network only. Students are responsible for maintenance and upkeep of their own devices. Students are responsible for any repairs or problems on their own devices. Our Digital Literacy Teacher will maintain a page on our website through which he will communicate common issues and solutions...a sort of clearinghouse of information to help families support the Chromebooks.  Finally, we will create a student tech team to help the other students with problems as they become more savvy with their own devices.

Q. What is the policy on charging personally owned devices while at school?

A. It is recommended that students bring their devices to school with a full charge.  We will have a limited number of “loaner” Chromebooks available for emergency use. However, there will be multiple charging stations throughout the sixth grade hallways to support students on high use days.

Q. What applications will be used in the classroom?

A. We'll be assigning each student a gmail address under the school domain so that they can access Google Apps. The teachers will be using Google Apps, the web browser, District-provided curricular supports, and any free resource on the internet that everyone can access and use for educational purposes.  Teachers will communicate regularly with parents to let them know what applications they plan to use with each unit of instruction.

Q. Will the device be protected with Internet Content Filtering?

A. To facilitate instruction and practice internet safety, Rocky Top’s internet connection is protected by an internet content filter.  Students should only use the Adams 12 Five Star School District-provided WiFi internet connection with their device while on Rocky Top property in order to support safe surfing.

Q. If my student already has an iPad or a laptop could they just bring that?

A. Unfortunately not all devices will be suitable for classroom use as teachers will plan instruction to integrate the Chromebook specifically.  An iPad will not work because it is not capable of supporting Flash technology.  A personal laptop will work, but it must meet the following device requirements:

  • Keyboard (hard keyboard that does not just pop­up on the screen)

  • Minimum 10 inch display

  • Battery Life of 4 hours (minimum)

  • Wireless Card (must be able to access internet wirelessly)

  • Must fit in locker (13” by 10”)

Q. What if I simply cannot afford this device or my student is designated with free or reduced lunch status?

A. Please contact our office manager, Suzanne Strain at 720.972.2202 as soon as possible.

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