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Chromebook not working? 

Here at Rocky Top we can try to help get a Chromebook back up and running again, but only to a certain extent.  This is what we CAN do to help at Rocky Top:
  1. Reset a Chromebook to factory settings
  2. Re-install the Chromebook OS
  3. Help with some connection issues
  4. Help with Google Apps issues
Here is what we CANNOT do to help at Rocky Top:
  1. Fix a broken screen
  2. Take apart a computer
  3. Fix a damaged OS
  4. Fix a broken wireless card
  5. Fix broken keys, mouse, or case
If you need help with any of the issues that Rocky Top CANNOT fix, you will need to take your Chromebook to the place you bought the Chromebook or wherever the warranty indicates.  We will always try to help out as much as we can to fix your Chromebook, but some issues are beyond our expertise.  Thanks for your understanding!
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