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Digital Citizenship

What is a Digital Citizen?

We here at Rocky Top expect all of our students to be responsible digital citizens.  Go to the link below to see all of the ways you can make sure that you are a responsible digital citizen.  Then complete the activity that follows.

Best Practices for Digital Citizenship

The Path to Digital Citizenship Activity

  1. Read all of the Best Practices for Digital Citizenship from the website above and discuss what you think each practice means with your parent or guardian.

  1. After you have read all of the best practices, talk with your parent or guardian about how you will make sure that you will be the best digital citizen you can be this year and in the future.

  1. Now go to this website.

  1. With your parent or guardian answer the question on the form.  Be as specific as possible so we know exactly how you plan to be a great digital citizen.

  1. Click submit!  Great job!